About Me

In this path that we call life in human form, I've been looking for something... I still do not know what it is that I am looking for. Sometimes I think that what I look for is the way back home.  

But that won't make sense... since we all know the way back home.  

I believe I am looking for is thrill and fulfillment.  I intrinsically believe that we all came here  to this planet with a purpose that we chose before hand.  And there's a little compass inside us always pointing out the way to go... and we have got all these tools to achieve that goal that we came here to accomplish but no manuals. 

The manuals to these tools were kept here on hearth and transmitted generation after generation... also this tools are improving each time ( in my personal belief) so the manuals are not a constant but should always be evolving ...  therefore making it more difficult to make sure that we got the right manual for the right tool.

I call tools some of these but not limited to:

ego, intelligence, brain, intuition, human body, other bodies ( family, friends, enemies, colleagues, metals, rocks, technology, plants, etc) 

and ways to use these tools could be:

knowledge, study, food, yoga, meditation, information, skills, training, etc

I also believe we came here to ENJOY life in human form, if we went back to where we came from and saw how exhilarating it can be to "feel" with skin, to "hear" with ears, to "taste" with mouth... Imagine a place were everything is just perfect, there is no body, no sense of "self" nor warmth, no cold, no separation, just uniform contemptness, bright light love, no weight, no flight, just a constant flow of perfect energy and light, no variation... and there's also no time....  like the ocean... imagine a drop of ocean water, does not know that it is a drop of ocean water until it separates, until it splashes and can see itself separated from the "everything" and it realizes what it is.. it itself is the ocean, is part of the ocean and it is the ocean itself when if falls down again and merges...

Humans are something like that ... we are god, we are a piece of god, but we cannot know that we are god if we do not separate ourselves, so for us to realize this godness we "separate" and we "are" humans.

So the other "thing" that I am looking for in my life is "experience" just experience human life.  To be born, to grow, to feel hungry to feel cold, to communicate, to hear, to connect, to disconnect, to feel pain and comfort, to eat, to drink, to "feel" emotions... to "live" and it doesn't matter what we do... we are fulfilling our purpose by just being...  there is no right or wrong.. we do not know what our purpose is and how the judgment of actions "good" or "bad" can affect our souls. 

To understand human form we might need to see ourselves from outside our body... and see everything and everybody as a whole.