Freedom of Choice

Freedom of choice:

It is true? We are responsible for our own happiness? Are we are totally
responsible for our situations? It is that our life is totally isolated from
the choices of others, fate and the will of God to be able to chose?

Do we really posses such power and truth?

Even time... there's been ages and ages since humans came to earth and the passage of time has been abundant, yet we do not know what it is, what its essence is and how to control it. It seems more like time controls us.

Is it that if we want to be happy suddenly well as magic we can be ?, or rather we have

what we really want?

If we had the power to be happy at the moment we wished,
if we had the power of acceptance and resign ourselves to be happy with what we have and happy with what we don't .... wouldn't we all be happy all the time?

Rather it is that happy people accept and resign to accept situations that do not really make them happy but they "choose" to "not care" therefore they feel happy because in their minds they make themselves believe that t hey "had" or "created" a choice and they "made a choice" ...

Our essence has no limits but our body, our money and our minds do. 

We are themselves to live the way we can. And not where or what we actually want.

We are limited beings, and happiness is totally something as intangible and so subjective even for oneself, sometimes happiness is one thing and the next hour or day is something different.
Happiness has a different meaning for each individual.

Our decisions often affect others.

We are tithers with life but manipulated, sometimes by others, people, places, hearts, feelings, self-esteem, etc.

If we let things go and not take any action, if we let things happen, we will also affect also a third partie.

And we are that third party in many situations. We are affected by the decisions
other make.

They are incurables threads, we cannot separate ourselves from our source. It's a bit like our essence, without
these threads we are not.

We make decisions based on the situations we are in and the resources we have and the emotions we feel, but who decides where we are placed at the moment that the situation happens, who decides what resources would be available to us and who decides how are we going to feel given certain circumstances.

I believe we are somewhat fee to choose our actions and reactions, but we do not choose some of our experiences, we do not choose how we feel about certain things, we do not choose what we like and we do not like, we do not choose what makes us happy or sad or angry.

Who is choosing for me ?