The light ~ Enlightened ~

Its funny to me to see how people like to label things...

Enlightened:  Definition by Wikipedia word by word

adjective: enlightened
  1. having or showing a rational, modern, and well-informed outlook.
    "the more enlightened employers offer better terms"
    • spiritually aware.

Informed, Well informed.... interesting... information is an ever changing thing ... if you ask me... you can never have ALL the information... ALL the knowledge. 

For me to say that someone is "well informed" there's a judgment... "Well" "informed" well compared to what? based on what ? 

We are all informed according to our resources and place where we are at.  We can have more or less information, we can have "better" or "worse" use for the information that we posses. 

But to be enlightened sound like something you can achieve when you die and go back to the source and completely leave behind your human experience.

That's to me when you really understand what this journey is about ~ 

We as humans are limited but can tap into the unlimited... As limited reasoning that we have, it almost sounds dumb to say that someone is enlightened... they just have different information... but that doesn't mean much.... that doesn't make them better or worse people. that does not make them better humans... the decisions they make based on the information that they have might.... but that is the tricky part... to have ALL the "relevant" information to a matter... it just doesn't sound intelligible .