LOVE ~ romantic Love

This page is more about humans in relation with the planet and the galaxy or the universe... but today I want to write about the amazing relationship I have with my romantic partner.

Love is.... after all.... a very human trait...  (Although, I must say, sometimes seems like not ALL humans actually allow themselves to feel it)

I don't even know where to start.  I am so in love with this fellow...  He Truly is amazing...

He is very connected with his feelings and he has the ability to recognized them and detach from them while embracing them.... I had never seen anything like that. He truly is a master.  He is very emphatic and supportive with me. He helps me recognize my emotions and live them...

The energy that emanates from him is so high and lovely you almost feel the lightness and warmth of his soul.  Just looking into his eyes you can perceive the quality of love that resides and emanates from him.

Being embraced by him feels like being surrounded by angel wings.... ( and some times I do wonder if he is my guardian angel and came down to earth just to be with me, like in that movie) I cannot explain what I feel when I am in his arms. It seems like there's  no time or space... everything literally stops like in those cheesy movies where everything starts to spinning  around the couple.

When he reads, his words flow out of his beautiful lips as free butterflies coming out of a cocoon, the words then float on warm air that comes out from his mouth and becomes Prana... and this worlds come and seduce my ears, who lets them in and go into my brain... lighting up neurons in my brain like a light and music performance.  His voice is  so many things at once.. he sounds familiar, his voices makes me feel happy, sexy, loved, hopeful, cared for, at peace but excited, the whole universe expands before me when I hear his voice.... even when he was saying nonsense, the tone of his voice tells you he is a real MAN in touch with his emotions and in control of his life and himself. you ca tell is a very smart person and very compassionate as well.

He sees life with a different lens, he can see so many situations from different points of view that might not be obvious to most of the people in this country...

I wish there were words to describe what I feel when he touches me, or when he plays the guitar... but such acts are so sublime  that cannot be explained, just experienced....

Even if there were words to describe it, why would I? That would make no sense.  It would be as if you took the word for it to what it is to eat a sweet ripe strawberry..

I could tell you that is a fresh experience in your mouth and depending on the type of strawberry would be the crunchiness of the flesh... as well as the color, varying from dark passionate red to light more crunchy pink ... but how to explain the ecstasy that I feel when I hear the notes coming of from this wooden box with a shape of a woman's body?

The first notes of the strings being touched by his holy fingers strike me like a deer in the dark before high headlights.  I am just taken by the sudden beauty of it,  I stop whatever I am doing... nothing else matters at that moment. .. the music is everything... every color, every feeling, every thought everything.  I loose my mind, I loose control and the music takes my physical body to follow the notes, the melody, the warmth air that transports them like wind beneath a dove's wings ......I need  to get close, closer, closer ... as close as I can... until I can touch him somehow with my physical body.

Sometimes Its just my foot touching any part of his body... or just one finger... sometimes is a full embrace.. I just sit behind him and place my arms around his chest or his stomach under the guitar and I just hold him so close to me that it feels like we are one.  Our bodies synchronize, our hearts beat with the same rhythm and his skin is so close to mine that you wont know where his body ends and mine starts.

And we fuse in ecstasy allowing the music come forward from a sacred place .. from a neighboring realm into this physical world of us... and through all this instruments... and we taste heaven, we feel heaven, we see heaven and we hear heaven's sound. This experience is so sacred it sights come out of my body without me being able to control it... sometimes its so intense it makes me moan... The pleasure is so pure and innocent  its almost angelic.

I wish I could explain it to you... but instead I wish you get to experience something like this in your lifetime ....

I wont even attempt to describe what I feel when he touches me, because it's so sacred it would be a sacrilege.