Nightmares or Reality ?

It's been a while since we stopped watching main stream television and try to limit our "media" exposure.  We choose what movies to watch and in general we love Indy or foreign.  But we have not  cut it out completely.  Somehow we still know what is going on in the world and we are still exposed to news.

We take social media breaks here and there and just allow ourselves to enjoy some minutes of exposure to this new form of connection. 

The reason why I stopped watching TV and Movies is that I found out to be too sensitive to some of the material, because it makes me really upset, or angry or helpless to see how many injustices happen in the world. How necessary it is for the world to go trough so much pain and suffering.

While scrolling down our phones its impossible to not get a photograph or a video of something that would make your stomach turn.  There's so much violence, and pain in the world.

It makes me wonder... who really creates the pain?

Maybe I do want to start this post slightly different.  Human history Wonderful and Tragic.
Do tragedies need to happen so we improve as human race?  Do we rewire ourselves when we go through certain situations? do our consciousness expand? or are we puppets ?

If we review history, we see that horrible things used to happen... murder, holocausts, injustice against women, rape, inquisition, and we think... how barbaric! how terrible, but do we not see what is happening in today's world ? Just last week I was shown a video of pharmaceuticals