Nothing Really Matters at all

I was having a conversation with my favorite person and he said something that triggered a train of thoughts that was so vast and rapid that I could not stop for a few days.

Now that the thoughts have slowed down I might be able to write something clear about this idea.

We were talking about  life in general and how nothing really matters, emotions, actions, choices, etc. We are here and absolutely nobody knows exactly where we come from and where we are going. None of us know exactly why we are here.  For as long as humans have inhabited earth, there is not hieroglyphic, paper, book or record or these answers.  At least not in a tangible way.

We are here and we have thoughts and ideas of why we are were , where we come from and where we are going.  Some of these thoughts can be very real to some of us, but we can really prove it to anyone else.

I remember being certain when I was really little that I have chosen my parents and my brother, even though I hated him when he was really little and I love him so much now that I cannot imagine my life had he not be born. But that is not here not there.

The point is that when I would tell my parents or any other adult I happen to share this with, I was told that I was absolutely wrong, they even ask me how come i didn't choose to be born in an affluent family or be French since I have always had a fascination for the french culture.  But i did not have answers for this questions, I only knew that I chose life, that even though I did't send a letter to my parents requesting to be born, I intrinsically knew that I wanted to come to earth, that it was my decision. That I wanted my parents to be my parents ( even though I thought they were being  super mean most of the time...  now that I am an adult I realized that I had the best parents that I could ever dream of, they were always nurturing and they always wanted the best for us.  I realize how many sacrifices they went through to make our lives better and more comfortable. how they  made sure that we had everything they didn't when they were little)

I could not prove to anyone that I wanted this life, with these parents, with this brother. IT was just a thought I was certain about. The thing is that there are other people who area also certain of thoughts that are completely different from mine,  it it possible that those thoughts are true fro them and my thoughts are true for me.

Do we humans come all from the same  place or do we come from different places ?