Where Do Trouble Comes From ?

This week has been  interesting/weird... I thought. 
 I dealt with so many emotions coming from who knows where.   

We think that  we are in control and that we choose our emotions, but I believe we do not. 

We choose how to handle our emotions and to learn from them or not. But we will keep feeling / receiving the emotions that we get when something triggers them.

Do we truly have any control over our lives? I see people praying for food or water, praying for shelter, praying for peace or not to be abused, people praying for freedom, praying for health, people praying for other people, for justice, etc. and then I realized that my life is perfect. That I have everything that I need and more, I have everything that I ever prayed for and my life right now exceeds my expectations of my prayers of the past. Yet, I have not ceased to pray/ desire. 

This makes me question myself: what exactly do we create with our thoughts.  Some firmly believe that praying /requesting to a higher consciousness will solve the problem for us. Others believe that  seeing the  problem/request objectively and planning actions that would help change it it would be solved.  Some others believe that by holding "positive thoughts" it would change the "undesired" situation.  But I have examples of how all of these approaches can work and wont work.  This takes me back to ground zero. 

The other question that comes to my head about this is  do we choose our problems/ challenges before we come to earth ? Do we get/create/attract  this problems/challenges once we are here on earth ?  Or do we see problems/challenges where there are none?  Do we humans have a brain wired to always want more/ look for challenges/ troubles?  And is this the motor that impulse us to be more, to do more, to keep going, to improve the human race?

In this particular case of mine, I realized that I was not in a bad situation, actually I am in a really good situation, this week was really good! filled with wonderful adventures, spiritual growth and introspection.  But it took someone else to point it out to me.  I just did not see it that way before it was brought to my attention.  This made me realize how really blessed I am, not only for having all my needs met, for having an awesome life, but for being surrounded by such beautiful enlightened souls.