Empowering Women

I know this is a blog about human beings,  but aside from being a human, I am a woman. And it is my perception that women sometimes hold the shortest side of the stick in life in many societies. I am blessed enough to live in a society where many of our rights or human rights are respected.  But even when we are protected by laws in many aspects, we are still victims of abuse.

Lets be honest, women in general ( because there are many exceptions, like women who cultivate their physical body and strength, and women that when too angry or in a dangerous situation get the adrenaline going and can be stronger than any men. ) are not as strong as men are.   It is also my perception that there's been years and years of abuse where there's fear in many of us hiding and making us feel scared even when the danger is not real.

We also might fail to see the abuse because we are just used to certain ways.

Even in modern society in America, I still think that we women are in disadvantage when compared to men. I listened to a TEDx talk I believe from Kristin Neff ( I listened to so many)  and she explains how little girls and little boys have a pretty healthy perception of themselves and pretty healthy self esteem, but around third grade girls start perceiving their bodies, and start judging their bodies, loosing the healthy self esteem and start wanting to look different.  While boys keep a good self image and good self esteem until years later.

Many grown men have a very healthy self esteem and very distortioned self image, where they thing they are in shape and have a great body ( not by society standards). And I wonder why?  Are we just plain stupid to play this games in our heads.  And my answer is no! Absolutely not! this unhealthy low self esteem  does not come from within. It comes from years and years of exposition to beauty standards and comparisons.  Its from years and years of society telling us that we should be pretty, that we should look a certain way, of thousands and thousands of female bodies exposed in media, transformed by make up, lighting, and now a days Photoshop.

And I wonder almost every day how can I empower women in the world? What actions can I take to contribute to women empowering ? I know I have a great job just standing up for myself and fighting for my own rights when I need to. I also know that all actions will affect all women and that gives me strength to keep going .