The reincarnations

The whole idea does not make sense.

I've studied the "Curse in miracles"  and listened to Enric Corbera so many times and based on their teachings that we are here to liberate us and our family and clans from our past mistakes just do not make sense to me. It doesn't sound fair.

As I understand it, we incur in the same patters until we realize we do. WE fall on the same traps, we get the same illnesses, we have the same accidents, etc.

There are patterns that we like, therefore not pay attention to them but there are other patterns that we do not like and that we can change  by realizing we are there, that we are going through  them but most importantly understanding why we are there and awakening to the situation itself.

With this, so many more questions come to my head. Giving that what the book and the teachings is true. I still don't know if I am going through certain situations because my ancestors and my family behaved in a certain way or did certain things... or because me in a previous life I did something to deserve this.

These are the scenarios that I imagine.

We do wrong to others ( or did wrong to others) and now we are in their side. Eg. WE steal from someone in the past or on a past life or one of our ancestors, so now we are being robbed.  But if we were robbed and judged the person who did it, we are also at risk of having to rob someone in the future because we judged it and did not understand it.

In conclusion what I understand is that  I am the clan, I am the ancestor and I am what I am now. No reincarnation, just information passed on.  Its like like on ice cube trays. You pour the same water on the tray and it gets divided into cubes but its the same water. You pull it out of the freezer and becomes water again ....  So our bodies are the vessels that temporarily separate us.

But let's say that all I have talked about in this post is true, Why do we have to go life after life dealing with the same issue without having clues, without knowing or remembering?

So basically it all comes down to we are all here ( humans) suffering things that we do not know we are suffering, suffering for reasons we don't know and we do not know how to get out of that situation.   how does that make the human race better? how  does that serve  the "Absolute"?