To Find Purpose in Life

I still do not know if I believe in reincarnations or not but the discussion of the topic seems very attractive to me. Not so much the actual idea of coming here time and time again. That does not sound attractive at all. If anything it sounds to me like a nightmare, were we come here to again, not know what we are doing and maybe try to overcome the same thing over and over again without any hope.

Leaving the reincarnating part on the side, another issue that seems to go hand in hand for me would be how aware are we of why we act the way we act? How really free are we in our choosing?

We say we like certain things and we dislike certain things. But why do we like or dislike certain things. Did we learn it or was it already intricately embedded in our wiring ?

Who judges what's good and what's bad?

If we come here and cannot remember what we are here to do, the whole trip seems a bit useless. And that is how we fall in to the reincarnating revolving door. Too afraid to step in or to step out.

So we come here with a mission, and as much as we are working  or "living" towards fulfilling our mission we will have a more fulfilling  feeling. But if that is the case, why is it so hidden, why dont we come with the knowledge of what we came here to do.  doesn't it seem as a macabre joke on life to do something like that. But the thing is this , do we not come with this information or are forced to forget our real nature because society teaches us how to rely on "facts" vs. "instincts"

To find purpose in life...  What does that even mean.... does it mean to find the things that make you happy? is that purpose?

To find something that you thing are the right thing to do doesn't always give you peace of mind, since we have been so molded to tell us what is good and what is not  and its not necessarily true.  And if you do something that you were thought that is good but does not feel good then you will never find fulfillment.

To me being here on earth is just taking a break from the "absolute". And by doing so we move human kind forward into being more enlightened and into being smarter, more awaken, more righteous, etc,  but that to me is not purpose.

What purpose would it serve the "Absolute" to separate to "stop" being absolute  just to be absolute again or to be absolute in a different form? At the end of the day absolute is absolute.