About Time ~

Time - My biggest fascination in this world and in this life time. 

It feels as if it was my whole purpose  to understand time, to find out what it is, to transcend it, to understand it, to live it, to breathe it.
Everything about time fascinates me.  The whole concept  it’s  still so mysterious to us humans.
AN interesting observation is that ALL humans measure time with the exact same scale. While there are different scales to measure distance, temperatures, emotions, languages, numbers, etc… we all measure our time in hours, minutes, seconds, etc. Even days are measured the same.  Then years or months may be a bit different calendars, but at least the days and the time carried during one day is distributed equally for all human beings.
How did we decided to divide one sun rise to one sunset divided into 12 and create hours?  How did we decide that one hour would have 60 min, etc.
What is one minute? How did we come up with this measurement.
One novel, “the time keeper” by Mitch Albom depicts how father time measured water in a container passed through a hole at the bottom . and that was one measure of time .  So every time he deposited water  and  the container was completely empty he knew that the exact amount of time has passed.  What gave birth to the sand clock .   Very cleaver.
But why know how much time has passed ? What motivated us to know about “time” why measure something that we cannot see, that we cannot manipulate? Or can we?
Sometimes I wonder if we discover things as we go, or do we create things as we go, with our curiosity…. Do we create  what we are going to “discover”?
But time has always has its havoc on humans.   WE “live” time. Its undeniable of its existence.
I measure time with change.  With the comparison of the “now “ and “how it was”
Does time stretches for slower changes? Its time perceived differently by different entities.
For example, do animals perceive time? They sure age and change, but are they conscious about it?
They do know when its “time” to migrate, when its “time” to mate, when its “time to hunt” etc.
Its time perceived the same way by a   9,550  year old three in Sweden ( OLD TJIKKO) than by a Mayfly with a lifespan of 24 hours?
Do larger living creatures perceive time the same way as smaller ones ? Take an elephant and a bacteria?
Is time perceived the same way by a fast living entity the same way than a slow living organism ?