Can you find what you don't know that you are looking for?

Have you ever had a feeling of looking for something but not knowing exactly what you are looking for?

One phrase comes to my mind, and as you might already know about me , or maybe you do not know is that I like to really "analyze" "scrutinize" and "put to test" every single "saying" or  "famous/ wise" quote I hear.

 “Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination.”

And my first question is: Is it that bad to sail with no destination?  

Even when you have a destination in mind  you might end up somewhere else, or not even make it. 

I would like to say, as long as you are moving you are advancing, but why is advancing and moving so "good" what's good about advancing and moving?  Who planted those thoughts in out head to think that staying still is bad and moving is good. 

"Just keep walking"  or " When you can't fly, run, when you cant run, walk, when you can't walk crawl"  Why? if moving does not make you happy then do not move, by all means. Nothing will happen if you do not move. you might still get a life lesson by not moving. Everything serves. moving serves, not moving serves. Why do we tend to judge and qualify " good" not good"   and here I ask.. good or not good for whom? 

Do we ever know what we are looking for anyways ?  we might think that we are looking for something and we end up finding something else. And maybe that is exactly what we were intended to find, but the thought of looking for the other thing was what triggered the search.

Nothing happens by chance.