Childhood - Past or Present ? I

Part I

I used to think,  whatever is in the past, is in the past.  We can "move forward" by "ignoring" what happened and focus on the future, on what is yet to come.

But now I might think differently.

Can the past improve our present? The past brought us to this moment.

Can we change the past?

Can we change the actions?

Can we change the results?

Can we change our perception of what happened?

and If we can change our perception, how does a shift in perception can affect the outcome in the present?

How can we change our perception of the past; or the perception of a situation, to change our emotions?

I was wondering, if we do like the exercise I mentioned on the previous post, but instead of focusing on one part of the body that you want to heal, we focused on one time or situation in our childhood that we would like to "heal".

If we focus on an event or situation in the past that makes us feel " bad" and we go back and revisit the "scene" as if it was a movie, and see it thought our "adult eyes". How would it look, how would it feel? would we change our perception of what happened? Would revisiting the "Scene" or the memory can change our present? can It change our future? can it change who we are ?

I was wondering if we revisit the "situation " or "scene" from our childhood, that we believe "marked" us, that we would like to "change" that we think " if this had been different" my present would be much "better" ...  What would happen if we revisit the "Scene" and change it in our imagination? what would happen if we change our perception? what would change if we justify it? what would change if we "choose" it?  What would happen if we do now what we would like to have done back then?