The Natural Course of Life

I usually get inspired by my titles, I write a title and the writing comes to me.

But this time it was different, the concept has been in my head for a while and I have not written about it because I do not have a title  for this piece.

I will try to explain the best I can.

And i will start with an example.

I was in Barcelona at a public plaza and I hear a strong hollow noise.  I felt instantly uncomfortable, a eerie feeling that something "bad" had just happened.

In nanoseconds I turn my head and see this child on the ground, but in my head I "saw the child falling from a structure into the ground and hit the ground ( now I do not know how to explain this, maybe my brain recreated what it believe it happen and how it believed it happened) but inside my brain I saw the hole thing even though I was not looking in that direction when the child fell to the ground.

The child landed face down directly on the concrete and before I could think anything else, I thought. I know I have  split nanosecond to "change" the outcome.

I thought I knew the outcome before I saw what the outcome was... but in my head I was certain that the damage corresponding that fall would have been very bad. I myself fell like that when I was 7 years old and I lost all my front teeth. They turned completely black first and then they fell. The amount of pain was insane, and because I was a child I didn't get a strong pain killer, but instead i had to endure the pain.

I had no teeth in the whole front of my mouth for a while and when my definite teeth came out they defects due to the "trauma".

Going back to the scene where everything seemed to had happen in a nanosecond. I took it upong myself to say a prayer and when the child lifted the face from the ground and the mother got there, the cry was not the cry of a painful fall,  the child had all its teeth and was just "scared" the mother examined the child and it seemed as if the "resutl of the fall" was not a match for the fall itself.

I believed myself that I changed the outcome, had I not done the prayer it would have been a different story, I  was sure of it, but then the rush of thoughts came invading my head.

What did I do?
Why did I do it?
Did I really change anything?
What price am I going to pay for it?
What price is the child going to pay for it?
Was it a debt I had?
did I now incur in any debt? or did I incur in any dharma?

I do not have any answers, even when more than a year has passed.  But a lesson was learned for sure. I am a bit more analytical of myself and I try to stay out of everything. EVERYTHING.

Is this the right approach?  I do not know. I do not know if we are supposed to do "good" or to "help" when we are in the presence of an "opportunity".

How to know ? So far I have come to the conclusion that I allow my inner wisdom to choose for me. And I ask my inner wisdom to make it so obvious that there no room for doubt.

I have convinced myself that that specific "Experience" that I just told  was meant to be exactly like that. Because I did it so fast and without thinking that there was no room to any other outcome.

I leave here another story that I enjoy very much :

Do you believe butterfly