At the end ... nothing really matters ....

When you start a thought and feelings come along with it.  But if you follow that train of thought and those feelings to the end, you might find that at the end nothing really matters.

So why are we here?
Why anything?

And the conclusion I've come up with is : Just for fun.

Nothing else.

I believe I've experienced what a lot of people like to call heaven.

It most certainly was for me. But the description might be completely different from what you think of heaven. And I think we might all be right when we think of heaven, because heaven is not a thing, or a place, or anything else. It's a state. and whatever thought takes you to that state that is your heaven. Therefore your description of heaven might be very different from mine.

Since we do not have words that can actually describe what we feel in a certain state.

IT was the best feeling ever, no time, no temperature, no body, nothing and everything at once. Satisfaction could be a word I would use to describe it. Total Satisfaction.... I wanted to stay there.

All the love that I was feeling... I never felt so much love. And I consider myself a very lucky person for being very much loved by my parents and family and friends, and partner and of course myself.

But this love was so big and so absolute.

And even in that absolute love, I wanted to come back to earth... even when at that moment I was going through really dark times... but I gained perspective.

Life on earth is like a video game, we play, we have fun, we believe it... we experience it, and that is it. Back to an eternity of wellness, satisfaction and bliss...

So life as bad as it is sounds like a great idea from heaven. It sounds fun! and adventurous!

And at the end it does matter. Because it gives us happiness and sadness, it gives us a spectrum of feelings and experiences.