Nov 19 Assignment

#1 Time (The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom) 
#2 Death
#3 Friends 
#4 Nation 
#5 Income
#6 Expenditure
#7 Belongingness
#8 Abilities or Strengths
#9 Virtues or Power


Its funny that the first word in this assignment is time. Because to me, time is the most mysterious element ( aside from love) that there is in the world.  I try  to understand it, to explain it, and I can't.  I am fascinated by it and I would love to understand what is time.  

What is time?  Is time a dimension? is time linear or we only experience it in a linear from?  I experience time with my body, but if my body was not here, would time still be here ?  For example.... light is there wether you have eyes to see it or not. But is time there even if no one was there to perceive it ?

time to me is the web or the fabric that unites each quantum selection after the other. Its the fabric that organizes events or situations. 

Is time only perceived by humans? or are other terrestrial cohabitants perceiving time?  We perceive time by comparing what we have with other versions on what has been and then we organizing in gradual differences.  
So if we compare our faces in the mirror and we see that we look different than the last time, and that we call time. So what we call time is the changes. There's this very interesting book about time. Its call the time keeper. Its a novel but it has a very creative way to explain time. 

What is the relationship between time and movement. OR time and change. 

If there's no change ... does time exist? 
If there's no movement .... does time exist?

Are these intrinsically related ? I would like to share this fabulous quote about time with you.  "daytime is the only resource distributed equally among all" We all have 24 hours a day. 


Death to me is the end of a period. End of Life whatever life is. for me to answer what dead is I would start by asking what is life?  according to google the definition of life is:

  1. 1.
    the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.
    "the origins of life"

  2. 2.
    the existence of an individual human being or animal.

But i believe that rocks have a life  its just different from ours, clouds are alive, the planet is alive, everything that we can perceive with our senses has a vibration. and that vibration makes existence, that existence is finite in that form, and what that form of existence ends, that is death to me.  I love the example of the caterpillar. So the caterpillar dies and the butterfly is born. They are both the same. but at the same time its not.  Or like the seed. The seed dies, but the plan is born. They are the same but they are not the same.


Its the most amazing relationship that you have have with other people. You can be family and be friends or you can just be family or just friends. But to be friends is amazing. Friendship is to find another entity that resonates and vibrates in the same way that you do to the same things. Its kind of complete understanding on so many levels of what life is.  Friendship is offering your love to another entity without expecting anything in return and being reciprocated. 

Friend is the most beautiful thing in this world. I have so many best friends. And my favorite best friend is my boyfriend, but that doesn't mean that my best friends are less special, they are like family to me. Even Better than family, but I also have best friends n my blood family.

Friends are like flowers. Just beautiful. I think that life would not be as enjoyable is there wasn't for friends. Friends bring out the most essential love within us, the joy of life.


What can I write about Nation, nation to me is related to a place and a group of people with similar tradition and ways of living.  The world is divided into nations.  It seems to me like we are thought to "love our nation" by someone in power to fight for their very own selfish agenda.


Ways to make a living. Income is the money that you receive and that you can use for your expenses, for enjoying this experience on earth. you can receive income in different ways and its an exchange or energy.  I actually was thinking about this today.  I do different things that generate money, one of them is pet sitting. I love dogs and I love the dogs owners. I have been blessed with wonderful clients.  But this week, I have been feeling really low energy, loss self esteem and in some pain and overwhelmed in general.

All I want to do is go home and lay in bed in my love's arms. But I am supposed to stay at the clients home to care for the dog.  So I decided to leave the clients house and go home. Just allow myself to rest and to be at my most comfortable and best possible way.  I took the doggy our for a really long walk, came back home fed him, had his medicine, petted him, spend time  with him watching tv and when it was time to go to bed, I decided to go home instead. HE does to his bed anyways and he doesn't do much until the next day that I take him out to pee.

So I leave the place feeling super guilty, I promised myself to rest super good so the next day I would stay over the night.  I dragged myself with the last bit of energy that I had and drove home. Get home to find my boyfriend asleep. He tells me understands that I have to spend the night at the client's house. ( and this made me feel even worse... I felt like I was not appreciated). ( and related to this last piece, he also shared with me that when he goes to work and I tell him that I miss him and do not want him to go, makes it really hard for him, because he wants to stay with me, but he feels like he has to go to work)

HI tells me he understands that I have to go, that its work, that I will get paid, that I love spending time with the dog and that I enjoy doing what I do. But this time it felt so hard. I felt like I had to choose to spend time with my boyfriend or spend time with the client. and I wanted to spend time with my boyfriend, but I couldn't change that.

I thought why am I doing this?  what would I be doing if I didn't have to pet sit? I love spending time with this dog but I wish I didn't have to sacrifice seeing my boyfriend to take care of him. i wish my boyfriend could come along.  But I realized that I would like to be a wife and have a husband who works and makes money for the both of us, and who is free in the afternoons and on the weekends who also gets vacation and who loves me so and respects me. 

I also realized that I have judgement in my head about this situation, I think that If I do not work I do not deserve love, that I am worthless. Even when my rational mind does not agree to this way of thinking, this is the information that is embedded in my head. 

I also believe that I do now like working, but I have to because if I do not work, no one would take care of me.  I also believe that to make money you have to "work" and that "work" is not necessarily something we like doing. And that in order to be responsible you cannot have fun.  that you have to "suffer" to make money and to be loved that you have to "sacrifice" and do something to "deserve".

But my brain does not think this way.  Its something else inside me that feels this way. 

So I thought... I should have stayed at the clients... The next morning My boyfriend stays in bed, and I feel a bit invisible and feel anger at him. I leave the house feeling empty. Get to the clients house just to find the neighbor  across the street tell me that the other neighbor was really angry because the dog barked all night. I went inside the house and I cried. 


In relationship with the word Income, expenditure is the exchange of energy  where you give your income ( earned also as an exchange of energy) for something that you want or "need" ( to me even the needs are "wants" because we can always choose not to have something that we thing we "need", so we want it.


Its a feeling of being  loved, accepted, care for and part of a group of entities that share values, likes, and taste or certain vibration.   You can feel belongnigness or lack of.  I have felt both in my life and I definelty love the first description I gave were you feel  part of a bigger, better  consciousness... where you get to a feeling that you cannot achieve on your own. 

Abilities or Strengths