About the art of flowing

Flowing is an awesome feeling. Just going with the energy around us.

Even just reading these words can give you a sensation of ease and joy, peaceful harmony and delight.

But when we think about flowing in this life, it can also mean that you are not making an effort.

Where does the line start and is there a line between  flowing and being irresponsible?

Often times we are  told that we need to make an effort to deserve...(something) to "be better" to "achieve more". But do we want "better" or "more"???

We are all familiar with the concept of working hard to play hard, to have more, to deserve... and I wonder if that is really the case.

What is the point of working hard to get a huge mansion if you do not have time to enjoy it?

You might be very busy working making your money or stressed about paying your bills, or keeping your business... 

What is the point of spending endless hours at the gym to  have a great body if most of the time what you feel in that body is pain... ( no pain, no gain... right ???)

If you enjoy working hard and as a result you get an awesome house... great ! Or if you love going to the gym and love exercising and as a result you get a great body... Awesome!

But what if you do not love doing those things.. is it really worth it ? Do we need to give something in return for something we like or want ? Do we not deserve good things unless we do something to "get them"?

Were do you draw the line between enjoying life and working thought life?

The only reason I would love to have a  huge house is so my life can be easier, more enjoyable, but I was not born rich. I was not given a house... so in order to get one I need to make huge sacrifices... and this is where I ask myself. How bad do I want this ? and is it worth it? is it really going to give me the satisfaction that I think it will ?