Attitude ~

There's a recurrent thought in my head that I can't quite  understand.

My thoughts revolve about one thought pulling out a thousand million stings in different directions all coming from the same source.

I was recently reading about happiness. In this book they mentioned that happiness has everything to do with attitude.  That we usually thing that once we attain something we will be happy but it seems like its the other way around ~  WE do have happiness and it is in fact Happiness that attracts the other things that we want into our lives.

But what is the secret OF happiness, they say in this book.  The secret OF happiness is having the right attitude. Being grateful no matter what.  Finding the positive to any situation.

Its funny because the author of this book mentions his mother as his live example of the right attitude bringing happiness and that happiness and right attitude bringing wealth, because it is my mother the perfect example of this.

My mother is also very happy, not due to circumstances or achievements, but because of her attitude. She is healthy and wealthy not because of circumstances but because of her attitude.  So when I was young I wanted to be like my mother. I wanted to be happy. I wanted to make people happy around me... but I realized that by doing so I was not being myself.

I wasn't the happy person that I was pretending to be. I didn't always thing that there was a positive side to any given situation... I realized that having the "right" attitude wasn't necessarily making me happy.  I was happier being true to myself rather than trying to achieve a certain  way of being...