Body Image ~ healthy weight

I had made it a point to loose weight, I feel really uncomfortable in my own body... not only physically uncomfortable, where I feel lethargic, sleepy and very heavy. I also feel very angry.

I decided that I am going to eat just a tinny bit less every time... less empty calories and more "healthy" stuff.

But this got me thinking, why do I want to loose wight ? YEah of course I want to feel light, and energetic, but I also want to LOOK a certain way... and this is a very strong desire... It kept me thinking... where does it stop? You loose weight, get to your ideal wight, but you want to keep going... you want to keep loosing weight.  I know that some people just get there and stay at a certain wight and others bounce back. But the reality is that no matter how skinny you are... most people still want to loose more wight ( at least I do).

So I think, if I apply the principles that I know... I love my body then my body will change... then why would I want to chance my body?