On the next life ...

I still think about this words that my step son told me once.

We were watching a show about Africa and we saw how someone killed an elephant to get the tusks.    When we saw that me and my stepson got really sad. A tear came down my cheek and he tried to make it better by saying.. "don't worry, he will come back on another life".

I took a minute, thought about those words and the idea of explaining how important it is to "respect life" came to my head. I wanted to take on the opportunity to tell him that it was not OK to kill elephants for the tusks. So I said, well ... life is not like the video games, where you get killed and then you get another chance.  Once you are killed... that is pretty much it. Its forever.

I said this words  worried that if I  didn't he would not take life seriously ( although maybe life should not be taken seriously, just respected.... but that is not here nor there).

He "understood" that when living things die... they will not come back, at least not as an elephant in the same time / space  as it was.

But what if he was right. That elephant died from this realm, from this space/reality but it does come back, has another chance, and and another. Exactly like a video game. ??? Maybe he was teaching me, about how things work... and we;  adults.... think that we need to teach children.. .when maybe in reality what we should do is learn from them !