The art of not caring ~

I can't quite remember if that is the exact title of a book that crossed my path. But if it wasn't .. it was very close.  Either way this little phrase got my head spinning. 

So True! It is an art. Sometimes its not "easy" to not care. I wonder if we were born this way, or if we were thought to care ... specially to care more for others than for ourselves. 

When we are children we are thought to share, to be nice and respectful. And while all of this sounds ideal... I am not not sure to what extent this serve us. 

When we ignore our own needs, our own desires, our own impulses, instincts ,etc. To comply with "society" we feel bad, we start getting our body sick. Because we are our own most important person ever. in the whole universe. 

Of course we try to be nice so we feel good with our selves. I cannot imagine what an awful feeling of guilt my bring an action where you hurt other people. 

But in general, sometimes if you are true to yourself and say things the way they are, other people don't like it and they will make you feel guilty for not doing what they want you to do. 

That is why I believe this title holds true. it is an ART, you have to learn somehow to  respect your will, your desires, your own self and then do what you need in a way that is respectful to others.