Where does inspiration come from ?

Yesterday I woke up in the middle of the night with a thought.

In ancient times, humans believed that there was a limit to the human body capabilities.  They believed that the human body could not physically do any better than what they were doing back then.  Some historians go as far as to say that people thought you could die if you went over the human body " limit".

This is why the first Olympian games  had the same "records" over and over... Until one day, one person "realized" that  he could go faster, he could do better, he could do more... and then it happened!  The records started breaking! We realized that we have no limits, that the human body has no limits... people started running faster and faster for decades.

Part of it was because we have been pushing our bodies, and part because we have came up with tools that help us run faster... better shoes, better clothing, better diets, etc.

The purpose of this blog, more than explaining things is to create questions in our heads. Good and bad questions. All kinds of questions.

And my question last night was... where are this thoughts coming from? Did that one person who realized that humans can run  faster "created" that thought? Did this person "channeled" that thought? did this person "received" this thought as a message from someone else?

Why this person had that thought and not another?

Did this person knew before he  or she came to this world / realm that he or she would change the world of sports forver? Or  it was random?

Was this realization going to come to humans at that given point in time / history regardless?  or it was due to this person's determination?

Did we all contributed to that leap? Or was it  an individual thing? Did we all created that information and brought it to reality?

Did we change reality by changing out thoughts ? Meaning... did we really have a limit to the human body and did we change the human body composition by changing our thoughts ?

Is there even a way to prove this ?