Its been a while since the last post. I've been depleted from energy and time/space for writing. I actually cannot remember the last post I created!  But I wanted to stay in touch and I want to make sure that I write down all the "new" questions in my head.

As we were listening to a podcast on AI ( Artificial Intelligence)  and commenting about it, I realized that I have an evolution question...

What if AI would finish with all human kind. Imagine that some how little by little or brutally Machines take over and they do not need us ... we are completely wiped from earth... and then these machines somehow evolve and create something else( that we do not even know what that is because that is so far in the future, but that wipes out AI and continues on earth....) What would that be... is that just another step of evolution... are other organic ( organisms) going to destroy AI?

And in AI do they have consciousness? Do they come from the same "source" as we do?

IF AI is created with materials from earth... is that the natural evolution of men.... as when we transitioned from APES to "Homo Sapiens" did Apes have different consciousnesses?