Mindless France Nostalgia

That is exactly how i feel right now.

I have no brain for anything, I feel depleted of energy, depleted of imagination, depleted of ideas, inspiration.

I still have needs and feelings, but I feel half alive. I WANT to do things. In my head I know what I need to do to "CHARGE" energies, I can eat right, sleep a good amount of hours and exercise.  EASY!!! right!!!??? 

Well, easier said than done. I can "sleep" or try to sleep, but that doesn't mean that I feel rested. Also there's no guarantee that because I go to be I wont be awakened.

My mind feels scattered with thoughts all over the place.

I sit down with a book in hand and I don't even reading a paragraph since I am already getting distracted. I go to bed and I can't sleep. I go to the park with my baby and I feel scattered.

Today I felt very nostalgic of my life in France.

I've always liked to live in France and when I was young my parents made my dream come true. I went on a student exchange.

But why do I love it so much?  Why do I miss it if I only spent a very little amount of time there and what is it exactly that I miss.

I love my town where I live now. I love my family. I love it that we have a farmers market, I love living by the beach, I love the people in my town, I love the atmosphere.  I love the local culture.
So, what is it... sometimes when I am on my bike  and I look at the ocean and I question myself, how do I know I am in America and not in France? what is the difference? and Why do I miss France if where I am at is Pretty Amazing.

I am not sure I will ever get the answer to this question... but if you have any ideas... please leave a comment and let me know ~