Where do we come from, what are we, why are we here and where are we going?

These are just some of the questions we we pose our selves from time to time specially when faced with death, sickness, birth and toddlers or teenage questions among other occasions.

I realized that we are more animals than humans most of the times and we do not even realize it. WE act and react a lot of times without even knowing, or really analyzing and thinking about our own behavior.

Why do we want the things we want?
Why do we behave the way we behave?
Why do we feel the way we feel?

Mostly we are over run by our survival instinct as humans. Not only as each individual.

If we learn about human behavior you can learn that we had better life styles when we didn't have so many "modern" activities, but as species we were weaker... now each individual has a less attractive lifestyle but the survival of the humans has better chances than in the past.

Why do we want to have more money?... most times is to attract a partner and why do we like having a partner... because it would ensure offspring.. even if you are not thinking about having children.. our brains have certain information embedded ... and that is why we want to attract a partner..

Why do we want to be rich? To ensure our babies have food to survive, to have enough to pay for doctors.. the more money we have the more children we can afford... even when we do not plan on using it that way...

So.... every human is always going through up and downs of different highs and depths at different given points.  So why even bother coming here?
Why do we bring children?  and the answer I believe its this .

Because of duality.

It is thanks to duality that we have contrast and because we have contrast we can create and "enjoy things".

Imagine for a split second that there is no duality... no light no darkness. No temperature... not hot not cold. not good or bad.

You are part of a whole of one thing and you are everyone else and everyone else is you... WE are all united and we are all the same ...  or to make it easier to imagine... there are no genders and we all look exactly the same and have exactly the same.