Eco-friendly law of attraction

AS you probably have noticed. Social media is full fo Zero Waste, Eco - Friendly, RE-Usable, compostable, products, blogs, and suggestions. 

But as a conscious and awaken creator i often wonder where is the line between  I want to know what the damage to earth really is and being aware of the pollution and devastation we have created in this planet and the whimsical thinking that everything will be alright and that panicking would not help.

I want to make sure that I do everything I can to stop my waste, to stop devastating because of me. but I also want to hold thoughts about earth being beautiful and loved. 

I want to drive this ship in a different direction to where its going .... and Even though I KNOW and trust that Everything is always fine and everything is always safe and there is no grater power than LOVE and there is No other power than love and Everything that is is LOVE. and its just our perception that sees love and non love. but I still live in this dual reality and it seems as if we are getting closer to a place that I really do not like. 

I really do not like seeing how much we have damaged on earth. but at the same time we have to see it to realize that we do not want that . That we can really get to that place of no-return. 

So I sign up to some 


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