Karma and Mirrors

I often find myself in situations that I like to analyze.

The questions that populate my head are usually the same, but the answers;  if any,  are always different.  The feelings about this same questions are different on different situations.

For example, when I find someone what  I just simply can't stand, I wonder...

Did I cross paths with this person because I have an old debt from a previous life that I have to pay?

Did I cross paths with this person because he or she is showing me  the characteristics that I do not like in myself and I do not want to acknowledge?

I crossed paths with this person so I react in a way to show that I have more respect to myself?

Or  simply because my vibration is a bit low right now and this is a sign that I should raise my vibration ?

I never seem to find a straight answer to this questions, usually the situation or the feeling dissipates and that is that.

But I constantly wonder when we find ourselves in a situation that we truly dislike, how do we know how to act?

Do we remove ourselves from that situation?  Do we fight the situation ? Do we accept the situation?

What to do? Also so many options always.

When I hear the word Karma and how many people use it very loosely to my opinion It kind of does not make sense in my head.

I will use an example...

I read a post on social media of a girl who was about to get married and her best friend ended up marrying her fiance.  She tells the whole story and ends it with I am not worry because I know Karma  will take care of this... and I think.. well ... they seem very happy, they are not the ones suffering...  It seems to me more like .. maybe you already did something horrible before and now this is your Karma.  When Someone wishes bad for someone else excusing it as karma it seems wrong to me. It really does not make sense.. Its like when I was trying to understand Catholicism and Christian ism, An ALL Loving source is punishing humans ? It does not make sense.. and who is in charge to take tally and collect karma points.

I also do not believe in evil and I do not believe that If you do something wrong in this life time  then you will come back to pay your debt but you will NOT know why it happens to you. You will need to figure out why you are being punished. It sounds like a bad joke or bad parenting... like allowing your kid to misbehave and then wait a day or two then punish him or her and expect the child to figure out why he  or she got punished.

I do not believe in any of this. I believe we humans have evolved a lot and maybe that was true a log time ago ... billions of years ago.. but our souls have evolved so much that it seems very naive to still believe in one GOD human like  but giant siting on heaven looking down on us... as it seems naive to believe that there is a system with karma points and karma judges  killing time to give you your karma score  after a few lifetimes .