Love and mirrors

I guess I have been paying a lot of attention to my mirrors lately.

I believe I have already written about this subject, but it is still present in my life. So I will write some more about it.

I've found myself talking and spending energy on  situations that bother me about two specific people.  These two people are not important at all in my life in the general sense. But they are because I am obviously unconsciously giving it thought and energy.

I realized I was doing this when yesterday before going to be I told the love of my life about the day events and it was related to these two people.  That is when I realized, why am I even thinking about this? Why am I letting it bother me? Why even spend any energy on that matter?

Today in the morning I realized ( or I made the connection) it's bother me, because there's something in here for me to heal. There' s something I have to over come or else I would not be feeling this way.  I feel this way because its a message for me, otherwise it would not even be an issue.

I realize that we might be working as a group, since I am not the only one bothered by these two people and I am not the only one talking about the things they do.

I also realize that while I cannot act as a group, I can act by myself for myself and I know my group will also benefit from this.

I am still trying to decide what the best way to over come this will be.

My first choice is to just change my focus. Just look the other way. Ignore the situation. Focus on something that I actually like, but then I think.... if I ignore.... then will this come back to hunt me? is there something else that I should do? Should I just  face this in a different way ?

I look inside me and try to find if I have those traits... the ones that are bothering me... why is this resonating with me ? am I just joining the pity group out of sympathy  or am I really resonating with this behavior. I look inside and realize that I am joining out of sympathy. And all it takes its me,l and more focus on what I want to put my energy and what I do not want to .

Lately I've been tired, lack of sleep and I think that is when my guards go down and I start loosing focus.

Now that I am aware of it, I can consciously choose to not spend my time and energy on that feeling or thought.

I will keep you posted on how it goes.


  1. Thank you for share it Mony! I feel you totally in every word.

  2. Hola Dany.... Apenas me voy dando cuenta que tenia un comentario.... ya casi no he escrito en esta cuenta :)
    Escribire mas :)


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