I was diagnosed with post partum depression. But the more I think about that time and the more I analyze it; I realize so many things that a mother actually goes through after giving birth.

Many things have already been mentioned in thousands and thousands of posts.

The hormonal imbalance, the lack of sleep, the impossibility to disconnect for a second of the concern of keeping another person alive.

Give yourself time not only to clean or make food, but simply to take a bath or even comb your hair.
I would not even go there here... even though all of those are actual concerns that will not help with post partum depression. 

In this post I will talk about the financial aspect of giving birth. 

60% of your check is the MAXIMUM that the law establishes for mothers who are on maternity leave. And that  is if you have supplemental insurance  to cover  for this "disability". Otherwise you might get NOTHING.

You can NOT contribute more, you just "get MAXIMUM" 60% ...

As if you could send 60% of the mortgage payment because you are on "maternity leave." 

As if I could go to the supermarket and say, "Well ... I will only pay 60% of the bill because I am in maternity leave".

As if  you could go to the doctor and pay only 60%.

This implies devaluation .... THAT is exactly what I felt when I was only paid 60% DEVALUATED…. I wil write it again  in case someone is not sure how a mother feels after giving birth when you can only receive 60% of your check…. D E V A L U A T E D. 

I wonder if this will be a good feeling for a new mother; when she has just brought a baby into the world.

When you are the most vulnerable, when you need more support, when everything is harder, when hormones go wild and crazy, when you are tired of just having a few minutes of rest every 2 hours after breastfeeding ... when you have not had a consecutive night of sleep, when your body is transforming, recovering,

Now society/ and the community  say that you are only worth a fraction of what they usually value you for ... even when you work twice as much, when you split in a thousand to cover all aspects of motherhood  and you have no rest, when you need more reinforcements. ... FORGET about giving yourself  a respite or a treat  ... it simply AFFORDABLE for your budget.

FORGET to hire help in those days ... which is when you need it most ... because it's COMPLETE OUT OF YOUR BUDGET .... forget about buying better products or organic products.

If there is a time when you need more support and when you spend more money is when you  have a baby .... no matter how many gifts you have received in your baby shower ... you will always need to buy diapers, formula , some medicine, a thermometer, something.

In my case, when I was pregnant, another colleague from my department was also pregnant and when she left, many of her tasks were reassigned to me .... They did NOT hire someone with the money they didn't pay to her  ... and when I had to leave they didn't hire someone to cover my duties ... The company saved that money.

So how do you justify not getting paid at least the same as you usually earn.

I have asked some experts in the subject, and some of the reasons have been:

1. So you want to return to work because you DON'T  MAKE ENOUGH.
2. So you don't want to have any more children and go from maternity leave to maternity leave.
3. So women don't abuse the program

These B.S. "reasons" hurt me. 

1.To get back to work ???? It's not like I can choose how much time I spend with my new baby. THIS IS PRE-ASSIGNED ... I CAN'T TAKE LONGER ... and if I decide not to return they can hire someone else.

2. So you don't want to have more children? I believe I can decide that. NOT MY EMPLOYER !

3. So you don't abuse the program? and who takes care of me so they don't abuse me… ???? How am I going to abuse a program? Only having children to pay me 3 months "without work" I think that no woman would do this for three fucking  payroll months.

I am enraged that there are such sexist rules even today ... that women are still marginalized for having children, that men or society or the community or the government want to take away power from women.

But you can try to subdue us .... YOU WILL NEVER ACHIEVE IT because we are intelligent and our spirits are unbreakable. Of one thing I am SURE ... that this will not last long without changes ... and we can tell men to take their 60% and shove it in the tiniest hole of their bodies. WE will be empowered. We will be FINE .. This power we , women have ... can NEVER be TAKEN AWAY.

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