There is so much abundance in this country, its ridiculous.

Sometimes I daydream about moving to France and having an awesome life there. Maybe because my experience in France was so awesome.

When I was in university I decided that I wanted to study abroad.  Just for the experience of it. Among my choices were London, France and Switzerland.  When I visited my university liaison she told me. "Oh! You picked three of the most expensive countries that we have  connections with!"

When I went to university I was so disconnected from economy and from responsibilities. My parents had provided us with a very comfortable life.  Ever since I was little all I remember is comfort, abundance and flow and easiness.

So my exchange experience in France was of comfort, abundance and relaxation. It was all fun.

Even though I was taking classes. I only had 4 classes. Compared to 8 classes at my university. I chose clases that were not too hard, since it was in a different language. I also made sure to schedule my clases  Tuesday to Thursday to allow long weekends and  travel.

As you can see, whenever I dream about any lifestyle. My mind goes back to that time / place. Because I had everything I dreamed of. Time and money  ( not to mention youth and energy) do what I wanted.

I also had friends and community. I had friends who had the same dreams and resources that I did. and one in particular.... my sister Ana Sofia.

So when I daydream about life my dreams usually go like this:

"Imagine that somehow you move to France...." So I think ..if I moved to France, what would I do?

Would I sell everything and buy everything new there?

Would I bring anything special ?

How about something you can't find there?

Would I bring some clothes, since I might not find my favorite fit jeans right away?

Should I bring some of our medicines? or a LOT of the medicines we know ?

What about foods that you can't find there?

And that is when it dawned on me yesterday ... that  there is so much abundance in this country.... Maybe there is  much abundance in France too...

But for example, the other day someone mentioned that they liked my shoes.  So I thought maybe I should get me another pair in a different color, since they are so comfortable, and look good.

So I looked them up online... and there were thousands of them .... Then i look for a table that I want for example and there are thousands and thousands... some more expensive, some really cheap, and not necessarily cheap made.  There is a big offer of everything. and I thought there is always more food than I can eat wherever I go, there's always more supply than demand for everything. ...( Except affordable houses in my area.... LOL! which I am glad of... very happy about this ! ) 

But all jokes aside...  We live in a very abundant country, WE can find so much stuff.. more than we actually need.. that ofcourse maybe we want. ... and I am not going to lie, there might be people struggling out there... but I think in general... there are enough shelters and places where people can fo if they really really want to eat and clean up.