In $earch of Happine$$

TO understand my pursuit I need to understand what I call happiness. And what better tool to describe what you want than to contrast it with what you do not want. 

I was driving on Saturday to get a cold beverage from the store ( very unusual for me, as I've stopped drinking soda, I also try no to use the vehicle on weekends... and specially not to go buy a soda from a place that is literally 7-10 blocks away from my home.  But I was tired, taking care of a sick child at home and I just needed a perspire and a sip of a cold bubbly sugar packed soda) .

Despite having a two car garage, I park on te street since we only have one garage opener. And I didn't have it with me. When I came back all parking spots near my home were taken... I had to park "far".

I was so annoyed to say the least. ( Partly because I had not slept well for a week, but mostly because I could not believe that at my age, with my luck, with my will, with my knowledge, with my experience, with my drive and organization, I still could not make enough money to buy a house with a driveway were I could park my car near my home.) 

I thought: I am done being broke. I am done being poor. I am done playing small. I am done taking what I can. 

Me and my husband are smart hard working people. With enough experience and enough youth.

Why are we living the way we are. (  We are not living in a bad situation whatsoever.... but we were both living better when we were younger. Our parents gave us a better lifestyle than we can afford.  It's ego breaking, more than ego breaking, is dream crushing, hope death. I feel defeated even though I work hard, I try my best and I started from an advantage start point. )

Me and my husband share the same feeling. He tells me. "we are the first generation to do worse than their parents".

WOW! I knew this, but to hear it out load from him. So real, so cold. So  tangible. 

I looked it up. I came across one article... ( among many others ) 

This article made me think. 

Well, I have not had the opportunity to make more money at work, but Would buying more stuff really make me happy? Would having a bigger house with more comfort really make me happy ? 

Look at this past generation, which, while making a lot of money they also almost destroy nature.  All the consumerism, the disposable, the fast fashion, the quick return of investment,  is that really what I want? 

Yes I wanna have more money, more power, I would be happier, if I could buy more sustainable stuff vs non sustainable, I would rather have more money to buy more organic vs non organic, or more humane products, etc... 

Then I go back to the same thoughts that I always get as a solution.

White the much or little money that I make and spend... that is my vote for myself. 

How do I spend my money.... Now I will try to buy and consume products made in an artesanal way, preferably by a young person.  I will support the young people's stores and restaurantes. I will be very  conscious about what I buy. Now more than ever we need to know where our money is going and make sure is not going to one of those corporate that are making the wealth gap bigger. 

I have banned so many brands and I continue to add... and as I add brands I keep finding beautiful young people offering products and services that have a more sustainable and respectful method. 

I hope you join me and turn this around for the best.