The Visit

On any given day you can count on my son climbing in bed around 5 AM. snuggle in and get a bit more sleep before time to wake up.

Today was no exception. About 5 am I hear him get out of his bed, his tiny steps towards our room, his hands in my legs, pulling to climb up,  getting over and nestling between his dad and I.

At this point I am usually gently getting out of my sleep state and remain quit in the bed, either holding his hand, holding my husbands hand or just contemplating.

Today while I was contemplating and meditation a young mother and her 7 year old daughter showed up by my bed.

I instantly called for protection and before I could even the word protection or the meaning of protection an iron wall floor and ceiling surrounded our bed where me and my family were.

After making sure everyone was safe, adding more protection and entrusting their safety to Archangel Michael, I came out and invited them to come see me in my office in Paris.

My office in  Paris is on the second floor of an old building with marble floor,  narrow door to the street, but wide double doors to the office.

In the reception there's a big oak desk and my secretary is usually there. In front of her desk there are a few chairs. When I arrived to the office the young mother and  the girl were already there, waiting for me. They were sitting in front of my secretary.

I greeted my secretary and she seemed happy to see me.  I greeted the mother and child and asked the mother if she wanted to come inside by herself first. That the girl would be safe in the front with my secretary.

My secretary seemed to like the presence of the girl.

The young mother agreed, she came in and I allowed her to come in first and choose a seat.

In my office I have a wall covered in books, a big window that overlooks the street below and the beautiful building across our building. A big desk with my chair and two patients chairs. A sofa and additional wing chair, a coffee table and other two end tables on each side of the sofa.

She sat at the desk patients chairs.  I sat in my desk chair.

She said nothing, she didn't communicate or transmit anything. No message, no emotion. Nothing.

So I asked her if she was there because she thought or felt that I could help them somehow ?

There was no response.

Here presence was very neutral. Not peaceful, not disturbing, nothing...  She just was.  I tried to open up as much as I could to see if I could perceive anything from here.  But nothing.

I asked her if she wanted to send her daughter in and wait in the reception area. She agreed.

The girl came in, she was about 7 years old. Her clothes and her mother's were very classic.

Not really and age particular clothes.  The girl was wearing a simple dress, kneed length. solid pastel color.  More like cream color.  Simple shoes with high socks.   Brunette hair above shoulder length and a bit of bangs. Her mother was also brunette, with similar hair style, except the bangs.

Her mother clothes were also very simple and clean lines, a below the knee skirt, simple blouse, no buttons and a cardigan. All in earth colors, cream, khaki and simple brown moccasins.

She came in the office and sat in the same place her mother sat. Stared at me for a little. Then leaned forward.  I got the perception that she wanted to say something. But I was not getting anything from her too.. She was calm, peaceful and a little playful.

Then she moved to the sofa, as if to experience the different chairs.  She swung her legs and feet. the had her hands on each side  and shrugged shoulders as if ready to send up any minute. Looked around. Then laid down in the sofa. Moved to the top, then got off.

I asked her if she was there because she thought I could help them in any way. She looked back into my eyes.  I think she did want to tell me something... but I didn't receive any message.

So I asked her if she wanted to leave and go with her mom. She said yes.

I opened the door to the office and her mom was there.  Not talking to my secretary, not doing anything... just waiting.

I asked them that if they wanted to see me again ... to come to the Paris office.

I also asked them if they wanted to leave.

And they showed themselves leaving ... each time further and further.

I greeted my secretary and let her know I was leaving.

I went back to my house to make sure everything was fine and everyone was OK.