My life is always filled with paradox.

I want to have my cake and eat it too.

( By the way, I love that frase, it exemplifies very well our lack of understanding the universe.  Or  at least it exemplifies very well my unconscious flawed way of understanding the universe. )

As if there is only one cake.

The universe is unlimited. Everything is unlimited and never ending, not necessarily ever lasting since we are always changing. But there is always never ending resources... never ending good and never ending evil.  That is why we can fight a desease and more will appear... we can fight hunger and more will show up... we can clean up and more dirt will be created or manifested.  

The same way for good. We spend our money and more will show up, more will be created. Economies are always expanding... there is always more money and more resources in the world. 
We just do not know how to distribute it or how to  utilize those by products or "waste", because our understanding of nature and energy in the universe is so poor.   We are barely learning that all the trash we generate is also a resource, we just do not know how to use it, how to take advantage of it. we use poor designed production systems where we do not complete cycles. Were we do not re-incorporate the trash.  We create and discard.  

We think that there is more poverty each time, but the truth is that there is more money each time, more richer people.

I once read that there is more food in the world to go around so there would be no hunger ever... and still have  overflow. But hunger will never disappear.  Is a state of mind.

Poverty will never disappear.  It's a state of mind.

Greed will never disappear...

We are here to experience polarity, we are here to go out for a walk in a cold day to come home and feel the warmth. The comfort comes from the change and contrast. We would not be able to appreciate  or "experience teh warmth  have we not had out to experience the cold.

 It might make a lot of sense to some, it might make no sense at all to others.. and it might be just  confirmation to some others... 

Going back to the original topic of this article is that I live in constant paradox or constant analysis of what I go through in life.

Right now, with the begging of the New Year, the bombarding messages of resolutions and self improvement and just the general energy in the environment... I cant escape to question myself :

What are my resolutions ? followed by ten thousand other questions...

Do I want to set up resolutions this year ? Do the resolutions have to start in January?
How to set up resolutions that would actually help my life ?

So right now, I am manifesting many things in my life:

-A better job ( not necessarily a new job, just feel recognized at work, feeling that I am making a good living, being able to pay my bills, travel, and a comfortable life, getting along with my coworkers, feeling that I am growing, etc)
-A more balanced every day: setting a schedule that would allow us to play, grow, eat, create, sleep, rest, clean, etc.
-A better body: to feel good in my body, to feel good about my body image, to feel energized, to stay healthy, to feel empowered, to use our time and energy in something constructive that would make us happy, that will make us proud. etc.

Among the most common new years resolutions of all times ( well at least since I was born ... that is all the times that  I know...LOL! ) is to loose weight and get fit.

Its definitely one of mine,... of all time, I want to loose weight and get fit not only on New Year, but in February, March, April, June.... well you get the idea... I always want to start and at least "get fit".
But what does it even mean "get fit". I bet you that it doesn't matter where you are in the fitness scale. If getting fit is one of your resolutions, you always want more.

You are already very fit.

I think in my case... I set up resolutions from a point of view of lack, vs from a point of view of continuity, of complementary, of evolution, of expansion.

I am already very fit, ( wherever you are in life, you are already very fit, there is always a worse situation than the one you are at. Acknowledging this is already  the stepping stone to success) you just need to continue, to add, to improve.

Let's say you are kind of where I am at right now...

I am fit because.... ( this is just an example)

I can get up my chair, I can walk, I can lift , I can bike, I can run ( well this one is debatable... LOL! )  I just need to get up my chair more often, walk a little further, run a little longer, etc... get my point ?

Once you accept that fact you would be seeting your goals from a positive  jump start !

So, why do I want to get fit?

1. I want to look better
2. I want to feel energized
3. I want to feel clarity of thoughts
4. I want to feel balanced
5. I want to feel empowered
6. I want to rest  better

Second Round Why do I want to :

1. Look Better :
a) To feel more confident
b) To feel loved ( to feel that I deserve to be loved)
c) To deserve my partner
d) To succeed in life
e) To get a better job
f) To get better pay
g) To  be treated better
h) To feel more in control of my life
i) To feel more justice to that I am being treated with justice
j) To have more friends
k) To have more fun
l) To have more opportunities in life

Third Round Why do I want to:

1. a) Feel more confident:

I. To feel empowered
II. To feel in control
III. To have more comforts in life
IV. To be happier

and so on...

If I follow the train of thought it always comes back to the same basic answers.

To feel good, but in order to feel good I have to PUSH myself into doing something  " I do not want to do " ( in this case, go to the gym, exercise, run, etc... get our of my comfort zone.) so Why do I have to go through not feeling good to get to a feeling good place ?

That might just be the road.

That might be the key to achieve it.

Maybe we can't appreciate ( or feel) good if we don't have something to contrast it against.

Maybe that is why we chose to have a human experience and descended from the all perfect, all comfort zone where we were before we were born.

Were everything is so perfect that you don't get to "EXPERIENCE"  anything.

So we come here to earth to  FEEL GOOD and TO BE HAPPY.

As if feeling good or feeling happy were a destination.

Feeling good and being happy to me is more like a compass, that guides me in the right direction.

But I do not think I can follow happiness forever without ever bumping into anger, sadness, frustration, etc.

Neither I think  there's something wrong with those feelings.

I do believe though that there's been much taboo from society about this feelings and I also believe that I grew up believing that those feelings were bad or negative and that I had to avoid them at all cost or that I had to mask them, or get rid of them.