ON AI (Artificial Intelligence)

I have very little knowledge on AI and I do not like Sci-Fi books or movies. but the subject is fascinating.

It just brings so many questions to my head... and I do love questions.  Specially the ones that do not have a simple answer. But to find out if a questions has an answer or not, you first try to DO find an answer, and it is in that  track when you encounter even more questions.

I was assigned the task of getting a smart watch for my mother.  Let me start by telling you that if my mother could have her very first flip phone..... WAIT A MINUTE... FLIP Phone??? NO! that is way to advanced... if she could keep her first  BLOCK phone..... BLOCK PHONE????  What am I even talking about.... that is way to early... she did not even get a phone until half the world already had one.

OK if she could have her first  little analog regular, not too big, not a flip phone she would have. Instead she has a probably $75 dollar phone, and the only reason she "splurged" was because the phone actually takes Pictures... that is of value for her.  Forget about any other apps.

Anyways.... you get the picture....

So I am entrusted on getting a GOOD smart watch for my mother... mainly to monitor her heart rate, blood pressure, and so she has access to her phone anywhere she is in case she needs to call anyone.

So I start looking into smart watches... and I realized... 90% of the people I know have one.

When did this happen ? Where was I?  Was anyone giving out free smart watches....

NO they are actually between $250 and $500 ( Of course they are less expensive and more expensive ones).

I am not going to lie, now that I have been reading about it and looking for one I see where all the craze comes from.

They are pretty cool and they do come in handy. They give you a lot of information about yourself that you didn't know and it's just very interesting.

Not to mention that they are super fashionable... ( Not all look great, but everyone has one)...

So yesterday I started talking to my colleagues about the smart watches and I realized that there's always something good and something bad about them...

Anyone can locate us at all times when you use a smart watch... and who sees all your data. As it is with social media and phones  There is an immeasurable amount of data out there, that apparently is being used against us.

Large corporations know us better than we do. This is nothing new, its just "better" or more "Advanced". Corporations know more and more about ourselves... while we apparently know les and less about ourselves.

They know what we are up to, what we spend our money on, what we dream about, what we admire, what moves us, what makes us upset and even further they know how we will react to it.

It also made me remember a podcast that i was listening to ( the Joe Rogan Experience) , where the speaker mentioned that  little by little humans were going to start merging with AI. And I see how that prediction was accurate. AS it is TODAY we have already "merged" to our body ( wrist) a piece of technology to "make us better" we are humans and we are partly AI. WE are integrating Technology into our bodies. 

Its only a matter of time before we can actually embody some of these gadgets. I think the future is closer than it appears.

All of this made me re-think my use of technology.

Should I relay less on my phone...?  Should I try to remember more phone numbers by heart? Should I quit for good social media ?  Or... Should I just go with the flow?

Where is this all going ? And if it's going anywhere good ... would I be left behind if I do not join the tech craze ?  or if this all is going to a bad place... will I be spared ?

These are all good questions ....

Other good questions are...

Are we as human kind spending more resources ( creativity ) on creating better stuff because we have the technology to do so?

In other words ... because Now we have more time in hour hands thanks to technological advances... we can now spend that time/ thought/ resource into creating something awesome ... like advances in science and or medicine?  or are we just wasting our resources  on getting entertained on social media and supporting capitalism?

Where is this all going ?