Hospitals and the Sick in Human Behavior

It seems like the worst moment to write about it given the circumstances.

I had this thought when we were passing by a huge hospital by the freeway around February 14 2020.
 I don't think I knew about Covid 19 back then. I was very disconnected from social media, news etc.. and very oblivious to what was happening... but very connected to the ether.. where all the information is.

I think that is where this thought came from... I just picked it up while passing by that place.
A huge hospital by the side of the road.

It make me think why do human have hospitals? Why do we care for our sick? Why do we think our lives are so important ? Why do we try so hard to keep everyone alive ?

Is this a behavior that we share with other species ?

I remember hearing terrifying stories about birds eating their own when the spring was born with defects, or other animals leaving their old to die so not to sacrifice the well being of the pack.

There are many advantages to selflessness.  But when in a pack, you are only as strong as your weaker link.  And that means that if you are the weak link, you might want to sacrifice yourself to ensure the perpetuation of the species. Even to the "improvement and evolution" of the species.

But humans, we go great lengths to heal our bodies.

I can understand healing pains, and curable diseases ... but we do not stop there. WE spend plenty of resources to "provide" humans a "dignifying" death.  We have laws to keep humans alive as long as possible even if the use of artificial respirators or artificial hear pumps need to be placed.

We keep our humans alive if they can breathe and pump blood even when there is not sign of brain activity.

I've read and heard first hand of cases where humans with no brain activity or in a coma coming out of it and then recuperating to a normal life. But I have also heard the opposite. Were people can keep a person brain dead alive for years....

I am convinced that something that separates us humans from animals is hope and trust.

I believe humans have hopes.

We hope we get a miracle. We hope that something outside from our human understanding can change circumstances.  Some people call it God, some people call it angels, some people call it circumstances. But even if its "clear" to us that there is no rational for keeping a person alive we still hang from this "belief" this "hope" this external "magic" that will occur to change the situation. Whereas animals "Trust" in my point of view. They trust the system. They trust that they will give it it's best and then just trust that what is is the best. That sometimes sacrifice is needed.

But to a what extent are animals conscious about this.

I remember scenes from those documentaries that follow animals in the wild. Specifically "Crimson wings" a Disney Nature production. Where they focus on a few baby flamingos who get hardened salt around their ankles and that becomes so heavy that when it's time for the flock to fly, they can't. The mothers stay behind with their offspring for a while, and then they must decide  consciously or unconsciously to fly and leave their baby behind.

Are they consciously choosing to leave their young behind because they trust and understand that the species will disappear if they stay. OR do they obey a bigger stronger law of nature and the universe that they most fly with the rest of the flock regardless of the circumstances and fight any other urge different than being selfless and be One with the rest of the species?

I personally love the idea of avoiding pain as possible, little pain like a mild headache... sometimes even a