I am not a Jewish woman from the 50s

I am not a Jewish woman from the fifties.

I am not FAT. 

After getting outraged about boobies being shown on a "good" TV show. 

I had to remind myself. 

This is just a show. This is not a standard to qualify all women on earth. 

I do not need to compare myself to the other woman to find out if i am "attractive or not". 

But its hard not to compare myself. 

There are so many shows where they hallmark skinny women as beautiful, powerful, desirable, etc. 

Its hard not to make the connection that "Skinny", "White" women are "Powerful", "Desirable",  "Smart", Etc. 

Magazines and designers are all obsessed about skinny, dying-looking women, and so am I.

Why ? 

Is it because I am so exposed to these images and the "connection" on TV and Movies or is there more intricate connection under all media?

I do know this. There are women boobies all over TV while I do not see the same amount of dicks.

Why ? 

I know TV and Media is dominated by men, but women also have some power. 

I have the power to stop giving it my attention. So I stopped buying these magazines, stopped buying clothes from these designers ..( there are only a handful or "good designers out there that do not fall into this madness) and now there is less and less shows I actually want to watch. 

I am sadden this time, because this show I am talking about is about a Jewish girl who is empowered. Even in the 50's or whenever the plot takes place. She does all the right things.... I loved having found that show... but then it had to be ruined by a scene in the first season where she takes her top off and shows her boobs. and I think to myself. Why.... why taint a good thing.

Why having to resort to that when they have a good show that needs no showing of boobs.  Why did the directors decided to actually show them instead of of being tasteful and "not showing it".

I would love to see a dick per pair of boobs. and ass for ass.

Why is it "illegal" and "immoral" to go topless in person but OK to have it on the screen ? 
doesn't it seem double standard ?
Are we OK with the nipple out or not?

It seems to me like men are OK choosing what pair of Tits is OK to show .

If you are going to show nice perky tits then show all types of tits... don't show some and not others. 

Don't come imposing "standards" of beauty on us. 

I know I can choose to watch and what not to watch...

But I would like to have good choices out there ... not being half ways through a scene or half ways though a show just to find out I do not want to keep watching it because of this. 

Am I the only one bothered by this? or are there other men or women sharing my thoughts ?


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