About Wealth

So, pretty much everyone would say that they would love to be wealthy.
Of course there will be smart pants that would disagree just to disagree... 

And one of those smart pants would be me. 

I would say to other people that I would love to be wealthy... but  there are so may thoughts in my head about the subject.  Nor only conscious thoughts that I process and I "Believe" but also programs that have greater my own subconscious thoughts and they seem to have a lot of weight on me.

So, I love shopping. I love window shopping . Actual shopping and I always seem to want more. 

I get an item that I thought I absolutely need it in my life.  And as soon as I buy it I move on to the next thing. 

Now that I have realized that I am in this cycle, I analyze my feelings closely. 

Its a bit of a long story, but bear with me as the cycle is complicated itself.

One day I saw this beautiful, colorful crocheted bag.

I did not need a bag, I was not looking for a bag. But this bag was so beautiful... I had to have it. 

It was a really good price I thought. All that work.... Right away you could see it was made by a highly skilled person. 

I though, how something so beautiful with such craftsmanship can be sold so cheap.
I think of all the designer handbags sold for thousands of dollars and this beautiful bag, made in a very sustainable way was being sold so  cheap. 

So I got the bag. I could not let it go.  When I was browsing only for a random other item I see a bag so similar to mine, the design is the same.


I learned I had acquired a Wayuu Tribe Traditional Mochila hand made in the community of Columbia.  So I looked it up and it turned out some of these bags retail for over $300 Dollars. 

The one I got, because if the intricate design and the super bright colors  can retail for around $120 Dollars. 

I was super excited.  I love this types of finds. 

But then I run into the first dilemma. Should I keep it for myself or sell it? 
I am so in love with the design... but I am always so in love with making money. 

Please note key words here ... making.... money .. not just having money... but making it.
Specially when its easy, effortlessly and legally. 

So I decided that "if" I got to sell if for full price then I would let it go.

Then second dilemma... how long to have it "For sale" before I use it. 

If I wait too long and don't sell then  it would be out of style  by the time I use it. not that its a real problem... since this type of craftsmanship would never be out of style  and I always love bold colors. 

But if I do sell it for full price I can probably, make money and buy another one and keep a small earning. 

OF course it happens that I find another purse  like this one for an even more incredible low price. 

I buy it immediately.  

Now I have two brand new Wayuu mochila bags. 

I live in perpetual summer so using them would not be an issue. But, why did I get two.. I haven even gotten myself to use the first one. 

SO Here I am with two bags. 

Should I post the second one for sale as well? 

Let's wait. I decide.

Two weeks pass by... meanwhile I go and visit the bag hanging carefully in my closet. 

Then I thought well.. I am going to use the bag that is not for sale to see how I feel with it. 

It has happened to me before that I love something and then its not really practical for my lifestyle and then it sits in my closet. 

I've had two dooney and Bourke purses that I absolutely loved before I had my baby... but when my baby was born, the little bags only went inside the larger diaper bag... Still good, but not something that was completely practical with the large cross-body strap. 

Anyways... back to the mochila bag, I realized that before I use it .. I should get a purse insert or organizer. 

I've been wanting one for a long time and I do not have one... So I would not use my purse until I get an insert. 

I look and look and spend hours and hours comparing, measuring, reading.. as if I was going to purchase a house or a small island. But not. Just a regular $15 - $20 dollar item. 

I finally find the one I think I want .. I order it. 

OK !!!!! So we only need the insert to arrive to use my bag. 

WE go to the beach and think.. that mochila bag is probably perfect for going to the beach.. but then it will get sand all over ....  I will wait.

Next day I go to the office and run errands and I think.. its the perfect day for the mochila bag. The sun is bright and the vibe is beachy.... but I do not have the insert... I should wait. 

Another day we go to the farmers market and I think... FArmers market is the perfect scenario to sport my mochila bag.  But I am running late and I do not have the time to transfer my stuff to the bag. I should wait. 

Then looking at my phone I see it. An offer was placed for the mochila bag.  Almost 40 % off the asking price... Brining my bag to the average price of those bags around here. 

Should I sell it? 
I've chickened out before and just decline the offer.

Should I counter offer for half ways of the offered price and full price. ? 

I ponder for a minute and I realize....

What is Wealth anyways? 

I want to be wealthy.. for what ? 
To buy whatever I want? 

I had the purse I wanted to begging with?  
Now I can have the money and still have one of the bags. 

But the money would not make me richer or poorer. 

It's the experiences! 

How I feel...

I kind of feel alive finding and selling. 

Maybe I am a sales woman... maybe its in my blood.

Maybe I was a business person in my previous life. 

Why do I chase this scenarios ? 

It seems like a lot of work for not much. 

So if I get the money from the bag... what am I going to do with it? 

Probably buy more stuff to try to sell for a small profit. 

So I chase the rush of finding something expensive for less. 
and the rush of selling it for a profit. 

Is this really what makes me thrive ? 

If so, why do I feel uneasy letting things go sometimes. 

Its easy to re-sell something that its not my taste. But when it's something I like its hard.