Looking forward

 What does it even mean at this point to look forward when we talk about the situation of the CV19 pandemic. 

I remember a lot of people saying that they look forward to "go back to normal" and I wonder if they mean to go back to the "feeling of normal" or the actual "activities of the daylife b.cv19 ( before covid19)?

I love feeling "normal" feeling normal gives you a sense of stability, of knowing, of comfort to a certain extent ( if you have a comfortable life).   But as many of you know, I have also been blessed with good changes because of CV19.  

Some freedom was taken and other was given. I've always believed that everything in this world is absolutely balanced. EVERYTHING!  It might sound absolutist, but I truly believe it. I believe that I have experienced happiness in my life in the same measure that I have experienced sadness, I have experienced success in my life in the measure that I have experienced anxiety, etc.  

But it's not only applicable to feelings, but applicable in other areas too. The economy can be very bad in one class and very good in another class or country. A little example is maybe some restaurants are doing really bad right now, but others are doing great. The money is always there, always circulating and always "growing" ( Insert: I think we force it to make it appear that money is always growing. That there is always more money in the world in general, but is there? Its an invention of humans, so we can make any rules for it that we want. But there might not be more resources in this planet, there might be more ways to use those resources. Hopefully there are "Smarter" ways to use the resources, but the resources are always the same,  in the same planet with the same rules that nothing gets created or destroyed, only transformed). So the money that was once going to sit in restaurants is now going to take outs, or to pharmacys or to amazon. 

I have no proof of reason for this, this is something that you either feel that clicks with you or don't.  Imagine that we live in a sealed fish tank with water, sand, oxigen, etc... I will keep it simple for the example sake, and then the fish start swimming near the bottom and the sand gets a bit diluted in the water, so it might seem there is less sand, but the same amount of sand is there, just mixed with the water. Maybe the sand got settled near the glass this time instead of in the middle of the tank.