Journey of Souls: Case study of Life between Lives Michael Newton Ph.D. Book Review

It's very hard to review this book, Journey of soul case studies of life between lives by Michael Newton Ph.D. 

Doctor Michael Newton interviews several people under hypnosis about  what happened in the previous time before this life for each person.  They even go as far back as early previous lifes.

All his cases reported the same meaningless, standardized procedure of going to this place where souls become light with a conscious and regret their bad actions or missed opportunities on earth and it seems to me that is their motivation to come back to earth to be  or do "better" and "better".

Quite frankly, this does not not sound motivating to me.  It  does not have an end.... we come back time and time again to try to "overcome" certain "goals" that our "spirit" and the "guides" set for us. But because we don't remember it gets challenging on earth. 

While the idea of interviews is amazing, and the whole concept can lead somewhere significant. In this particular case there were several things that did not chick with me. 

In all the cases the "souls" had the same attitude of being bothered by some questions or "acting" as if when asked the interviewer should know the answer. For some reason this bothered me a lot because to me the whole message got tainted by the fact that I do not believe that all souls would have the same attitude  and specially not in the afterlife. 

The second thing that bothered me about this book is that  the souls ask him to stop questioning so the soul can "enjoy" the moment, or so the soul can "listen to the instructions". But if this is a regression or something that already passed, all the instructions were heard, he is not "live" at the afterlife interrupting. He is taking the mind to have a second view on what happened.   This bothered me even more, because then the whole book became not believable. 

The way that the afterlife works according to the information taken from his cases, in my opinion sounds more like my version of hell. 

According to the cases, more or less all the souls have the same procedure. We die, float out of our body, get taken by a "flow" to a place where we can either introspect about our just ended life or have a review with the judges, which cannot be explained who or what or why they are by the souls interviewed.  Then you become a light with consciousness and get taken to a cluster of lights of more of less the same shade of yours so you can "learn" ( not really clear on what they learn or how they learn) but you pretty much hang out with your same color light peers, because the color of your light means how advanced you are. You get a "guide" or instructor of a "better" color who might come and go between having to teach you, an maybe one or two lives on earth and who knows maybe other assignments on other planets and other planes or realms. 

As an amateur soul you do not get to know if there is a "fulfilling" place at all in the afterlife. One of the cases seems to have had a life on earth experience during the first humans on earth period and that soul is still reincarnating and having assignments to improve. 

The final chapters explain how the soul and the body are not one consciousness.  The soul is one consciousness that inhabits the body.  One case or two explains how we are "hosts" or parasites in my point of view of a body. The souls are in the "afterlife" or in this case the "beforelife" being light and then choosing in a "Computer like" devise teh bodies and lives that will be here on earth. 

The soul chooses from a "pre-approved"  pool of "lives / bodies" to come to hearth. The soul starts learning about the body and the body starts learning about the soul. It seems as if the body can have a life on their own without a soul and there might be some souls inhabiting more than one body/life at a time. 

I am not super clear on 

I don't think that the author asked what are the stages of the soul. What is the motivation? Where do we want to go. Why do we want to keep changing colors of light. If we are a pale yellow light, why do we want to be blue or reddish. Do blue or reddish color light souls have a better "life between lives"?  Who are the guides, are they evolved souls? How are the judges? Who is above the judges? There is so much that the souls interviewed did not know. 

This picture of life after death sounds horribly boring to me. I can hardly find meaning for this life that is filled with excitement and beauty... being a light soul floating in the ether  and having lessons and  classes forever until I get to come back to earth  does not sound motivating to me at all... Nor I would like to think that my beloved ones are gone to be better in a classroom setting in a light cluster of their color to be better than to be here on earth with us.

If anything, this book might motivate me into trying to be more careful here on earth, take better care of my health and try to eat healthier while enjoying my life to the fullest, because it seems like this life on earth is our little break from the boring bureaucratic setting of the afterlife. 


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