The 7 Year-Old Girl

 I still have this unshakable crushing feeling of last nights story.

Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi:

It all started with this beautiful girl.

Her light brown hair is  divided in two, one side partition with the fullest one on a simple pony tail. that falls just about shoulder length.

She has perfect light skin and light brown eyes. Just like kids do. The freshness of skin, the freshness of spirit. The kindness in the heart that lights up the eyes.  

Her face is sweet and calm. Just like a beautiful sweet porcelain doll. 

I have never seen such beauty. The most beautiful doll would not even compare to the girls beauty.

I can see her spirit through her eyes.... she is happy and contempt first.

But as I keep my eyes on her her expression turns sad. 

She talks to me with her eyes. Without saying a word I understand.

She has been separated from her family. She knows her faith. 

She has been kidnaped. 

She is thrown in the seat on the back of a van. 

The van is white on the outside with dark tinted windows that looks more like paint because there is absolutely no light penetrating those windows.

She tells her kidnappers that it would not turn out right. 

The kidnappers are nervous, maybe this is the first time they had done anything like that. 

There is a female who got her and the male is driving. 

The female feels guilty, sad and scared. She cannot go back. She can only move forward. 

Its been a whole night. 

The girl is deeply sad, she has no hope, she knows what the end will be. 

In an accepting voice she tells her kidnapers. "I will die"   is an accepted prediction and a threat at the same time. 

I understand now, that her death was not because the only scape she had was that, but because her kidnapers were so negligent that she knew she would not survive. 

Or maybe she remembered a secret agreement that she knew before coming to live in this world. 

The girl tells her female kidnapper. "I will die". 

Kids need to be with their family, they need to be fed, they need to be free, they need to be loved.

The kidnapper gets some food and  tries to feed the girl, whose face has changed a bit now, less alive but just as sweet as she was before. 

-"EAT!" commands the kidnapper. 

- " I can't! It doesn't work like that". "I would not be able to eat, then my body will start to shut down, and there's nothing that you can do about that".

The kidnapper pushes some type of drug into her mouth and puts her to sleep immediately. 

The kid sleeps for a whole day, a whole night and a good portion of the next day.

She is tied. But she cannot move anymore even if she wasn't. 

She is barely alive.

Her spirit is almost gone now. 

She wakes up, sad. 

Deeply sad, half awake and half drowsy.

-"You need to take me back". "Take me back to my family. This will not work out. It will turn out bad if you do not take me back. Please take me back".  She pleads but does not shed a tear . She is stoic. She is above them, she is above the whole scenario. She accepts her faith, as if she had to accept it one more time.

"I will start to drift away and my brain will start to shut down, then my body will shut down. It will turn sticky".

The girl was talking more about the "stickiness" of the situation.  The karma that this will generate, the guilt, the whole in the heart, the void in the life.  The deep sorrow that the kidnapers will feel for more than a lifetime if they do not change their mind.

But they are too scare to go back. The female kidnaper feels bad, she wants to take her back. She wants to nourish her, she wants to take care of the girl, but she is too messed up that she doesn't know how. She doesn't even understand how kidnapping this girl will be for any good whatsoever. And there is a greater force than her self that prevents her from thinking that she can take lead and take the girl back. The female kidnapper believes that she has no power.  What a terrible mistake to make.

The male kidnapper  wants nothing to do with this except for the ransom. He only wants the money, but he doesn't want to know anything else. He doesn't want to know how is the girl doing... or even if she is alive.  He has barely glance at the child. IF asked he probably would not even be able to describe her. He doesn't have a plan except to pick up the money he asked for and run away. Leave both the child and the female behind. Not caring if they live of die.

The child has now spent days in the back of the van,  a dark place in so many ways. Its physically and spiritually dark. The girl has not seen the sunlight in days. She has been out of  her body most of this time. In limbo, in the in between. Not here and not there. Not alive and not dead. 

Seeing this from above shrinks my heart. Its such a shame. Such a waste of life. What a terrible thing to do. What a disgrace. There are no words to describe this atrocity. 

There are not enough tears in a person's eyes to grief for this moment. Such beauty destroyed and stepped all over. For no reason. This was completely unnecessary. There is no forgiveness for this kinds of acts. 

The female checks on the girl again. She is looking pale, almost blue.  She sees her die.