The China Doll Girl

 This is the story of the china doll girl.

It was 1930 and Bai's family was traveling by train. They were all very happy spending family time in a vacation. Bai was the only child to Lily and Wang Wei.

Bai's grandparents were also traveling with them in that occasion.

Lily  and Wang Wei had been trying to conceive a baby for a long time before they were able to conceive Bai.  

Lily, Bai's mother only had one sister. Wang Wei was the oldest of three brothers.

Bai was the first grandchild for both families.  

Wang Wei was a reasonable and honorable business man.  He was very successful  and he would always share their wealth with both families. 

It was not unusual for him to pay for family vacations or take both families for lunches or dinners.

But when Bai was born he was happier than ever. 

Wang Wei loved his wife, but his love grew exceptionally when Bai was born. She was the star of the family.

In spite of Bai being the only child in the whole family, she was very shy and was brought up to be gently, subtle and obeisant. 

At a very young age Bai was already taking piano and ballet classes, as well as arts. 

Ballet was Bai's favorite activity. 

On the second day of the trip Bai turned 5 and she had prepared a ballet dance to delight her family.

Bai felt so loved when she performed. 

The family reserved one of the  restaurante train cars, had a lovely traditional Chinese meals to celebrate Bai's 5th Birthday.

After the meal and over tea Bai  started dancing her  favorite ballet piece. 

She was wearing her pink outfit that had some subtle sparkles and a little gold tiara with pearls.  Bai looked adorable, like a little china doll, with her pale white face accentuated with a little bit of blush  and a little bit of lip balm to make them a bit glossy. 

Bai felt glamorous,  and more than beloved, adored by her family. 

As soon as she got on her  points  the train car overturned in a tragic accident where Bai got badly injured. The Doctor of the train ran to help her and she was taken away as soon as possible to the nearest hospital. Her family believed her dead. 

They were all terribly sad. Their whole happiness was Bai and without her their future looked dark and depressing. 

Bai was the light of their lives and without her the whole family would crumble. 

They all prayed. they kept their faith alive and holding their breath they got the news from the hospital. Bai was alive but terribly injured. She had multiple fractures and they were unsure if the she would walk or even move again.

When Bai saw her parents again after the accident she was completely covered by a cast,  including her head.  She could not move, she couldn't speak, she could barely breathe, the only thing she could do was cry.

She felt terribly lonely and scared. She needed a hug that she couldn't get through the cold rigid cast.

Her family wept with her. 

Her family felt sadness for the lost of their daughter's health but also because they felt some kind of shame.

A shame that other people would know of their accident and as if they had done something to deserve it they kept it a secret. They were embarrassed to admit their tragic faith.  They prayed for Bai's recovery partly for them and partly to keep the image of the perfect happy family.

Bai felt this emotions. She knew that she was only loved when she was perfect and now she was bringing shame to her family for having an accident that she had no control over. 

Bai felt sad for her situation, for her body, but primarily because she saw had sad she had made her family, she thought. 

AS if it had been her fault. 

When Bai was release from the hospital she was in pain, but the pain of her soul override the pain of her body. She saw the happiness in her parents eyes disappear that night of the accident and not that happiness was replaced with shame. 

Lily and Wang Wei pretended to smile, pretended to feel love for their daughter, pretended to care for her. They did physically care for her. They got the best doctors to heal her, to buy her another change at life, at moving. Wang Wei wanted to buy anything that could errase any trace of the accident. 

They never talked about it. 

Bai was covered in a white cast that turned her into a beautiful immobile china doll.